Friday 22nd  October 2021

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our weekly newsletter which will update you on what we have been busy with in the week and any important information we need to pass on.

What a brilliant start to the academic year we’ve had at Headstart its been a very busy 7 weeks, all of our new children have settled in lovely, we’ve all got to know each better and made lots of new friends, im sure you are all as ready for the half term break as we all are to re charge our batteries ready for another busy 7 week half term and the countdown to Christmas 😊

Your children have all successfully completed their sponsored walks, they have done amazing and loved taking in the sights of the big field as we went round, thank you all so much for the sponsored monies received so far, we will be welcoming the rest after the half term break and give you a collective total when we have received all back. Pictures of the fun we had in rain, sun and cold will all be uploaded to our Brayton Headstart Preschool Facebook page.

We have had an amazing Halloween party week, we have made masks, played in spooky slime and danced to spooky songs, we have had some amazing outfits on show throughout the week, we hope you enjoy your Halloween at home with your families in the holidays.

As part of the new curriculum oral health in children we as a setting are working in partnership with your children and you as families to provide more information on the importance of oral health from a very young age, as well as activities we do in setting with your children you will notice over the next few weeks information packs will be sent home, there is information for yourselves as well as activities to do at home with your children to allow your child to become more confident in making teeth brushing part of the daily routine and what foods we can eat that are good for our teeth.

We as always are continuing to learn about healthy eating in the setting and the effects it has on our body, please can you ensure children have a healthy packed lunch with any grapes/tomatoes/strawberries or the likes cut in half length ways to avoid a chocking incident, nothing containing nuts (please see below) No chocolate bars or sweets are permitted only one biscuit or cake as part of their healthy balanced packed lunch. Snack is provided daily which provides a balance of carbohydrate, good fats and fruit or vegetables with milk or water, Water is available for all children throughout the full sessions, even whilst they are outside, us staff encourage the children to drink and explain to them the importance of keeping hydrated.

Thank you to all that have ordered and returned your children’s artwork for their cauliflower creations, the closing date is today, 22nd Oct, no more orders can be received after this time, we hope those that have ordered will love their creations when they arrive as much as we all do.

As we break up for half term all of your children’s bags will be sent home with them including any sun cream we held over the warmer months, please could you return your child’s bag back to setting with them when we return, please could you bear in mind when packing these bags the colder and wetter weather approaching and provide your child with labelled spares of all layers, also wellies can remain in setting if required or bring daily as we do get outside in all weathers and we all love jumping in muddy puddles, along with the information on the oral health included in the pack is information on how we love to get our clothes dirty and how it shows the fun we have had learning, we have also included the Montessori approach we follow at Headstart and how we do not belittle children who have tried to dress themselves and maybe got them on back to front or the wrong way round, this is certainly not a negative and any effort how wrong it is should be celebrated as they have tried and shown their independence, please support your child at  home as much as possible to dress and undress themselves how ever lovely the outfits they chose are 😊

We do have Brayton Headstart preschool polo shirts and zip hoodies to purchase from the setting, if you would like any of these for your child, please either telephone the setting on 01757 291191 or email manager@brayton-headstart.co.uk.

Please can we remind you that lots of childhood illness are doing the rounds as well as covid figures rising, if your child is unwell, with any of the covid symptoms they must sent for a PCR test to rule out covid, if your child returns to setting with any of the symptoms and not a PCR result your child will be sent home and asked to book in for a PCR test, any positive cases over the holidays need reporting to Monika on manager’brayton-headstart.co.uk

Sickness and diahorrea has a 48hour exclusion from the last bout. Please ensure this is adhered to, if your child is unwell in setting, they will be sent home.

Hand, Foot and Mouth is also going around currently.  We have not had any reported cases to us as of yet.  But please Can we ask that you keep a close eye on your child for potential blistering, in particular on the hands, feet, or on their face (mouth).


Polite reminder:

Brayton Headstart is a NUT FREE setting. Can we refrain from putting anything containing nuts in pack ups, including chocolate spread and peanut butter.

The diary is open for next year onwards and we are filling up already, if you are thinking of extending your child’s sessions, please contact Monika ASAP to avoid any disappointment.

We are also looking for new committee members, the setting wouldn’t be able to run without a committee so it is vitally important so Brayton Headstart can continue having a place in the heart of the village that families have attended for more than 30 years, if you would like information on what it involves please contact chair@brayton-headstart.co.uk

Many Thanks, Brayton Headstart


22nd Oct – Setting breaks up for half term

1st Nov – setting reopens.