Friday 15th  October 2021 

Dear Parents, 

Welcome to our weekly newsletter which will update you on what we have been busy with in the week and any important information we need to pass on.  

What a great we’ve had at Headstart, we have had lots of spooky activities on offer, we have made skeleton pictures and spoke about the bones in our body, we have matched body parts to make a skeleton some of the poor skeletons had arms as legs 😊 we have made witches hats, ghosts and some pumpkin masks. We have played in our spooky jelly and gloop some of us were brave enough to touch the bugs and eyeballs that were hidden in it.  We made our own lovely potions in the mud kitchen, the slug soup was delicious 😊 

We have been on a autumn walk around the academy grounds we collected some lovely leaves and practised for next weeks sponsored daily mile, we have played in the garden practising our physical skills on the climbing equipment and slide, we have renovated our bug hotel with some of the leaves and twigs we collected and found some bugs in our garden and checked them into Headstart hotel.  

As we are all still learning all about each other, we have played some great group activities where we have taken it in turns to tell each other our likes, we shown how good our listening skills. Please see our Brayton Headstart Preschool Facebook page for pictures of our week and some of the answers your children gave.  

Every day next week your children will be taking part in our sponsored ‘daily mile’ we will be doing this around academy grounds what ever the weather, hopefully now your child will have asked family and friends to sponsor them and forms can be returned to setting after our half term break. We will update you all on the monies received when we have all the sponsor monies back.  

Next week is also Headstart Halloween week where we will have lots of spooky fun and games, your child is welcome to come in fancy dress for a small donation we cant wait to see your spooky outfits. 

Every year we as a setting use cauliflower cards to design Christmas cards and gifts for our families, we hope you loved your little ones creation if they chose to take part you will of received it along with details of how to order if you so wish, we need your child’s artwork back to setting no later than the 22nd of October, Any forms returned after this date will not be able to be processed. These are always a lovely way to send Christmas greetings to friends and loved ones at a reasonable price.  

The children are all provided with a clear book bag to take all their marvellous artwork or important documents home, please ensure these return to setting with your child when they attend their session. If you need to replace your book bag, please contact the setting and we can replace for a 50p fee.  

We as always are continuing to learn about healthy eating in the setting and the effects it has on our body, please can you ensure children have a healthy packed lunch with any grapes/tomatoes/strawberries or the likes cut in half length ways to avoid a chocking incident, nothing containing nuts (please see below) No chocolate bars or sweets are permitted only one biscuit or cake as part of their healthy balanced packed lunch. Snack is provided daily which provides a balance of carbohydrate, good fats and fruit or vegetables with milk or water, Water is available for all children throughout the full sessions, even whilst they are outside, us staff encourage the children to drink and explain to them the importance of keeping hydrated. As part of the new early years’ curriculum, we are concentrating on children’s oral health, we talk about the importance of brushing our teeth while making it fun and part of our daily routine. We will be sending packs home for you to continue this at home and the importance of why!.  

As the weather is very changeable, please ensure your child attends setting with weather appropriate spare clothing, which is labelled, these bags are welcome to stay in setting and will return home when any wet clothes are to be sent home for restocking. As well as spare clothes please do not forget to include pants and socks as we do sometime have to change all layers, and we do not hold spares of these items. Wellies are also welcomed in setting again these can stay here in setting for your child as we do not remain inside on wet days (that is no fun!) we like to be out splashing in all those muddy puddles 😊 

We do have Brayton Headstart preschool polo shirts and zip hoodies to purchase from the setting, if you would like any of these for your child please either telephone the setting on 01757 291191 or email

As you will have noticed one of our lovely selves are outside of the gates in a morning to answer your queries or if you’d like to pass on information or just have a chat, we all love to talk. Please ring the setting or email Monika to book a time for your child’s key person to ring to discuss you child, their development or any concerns we are here for you whenever you need us.  

Please can we remind you that lots of childhood illness are doing the rounds as well as covid still in the background, if your child is unwell, please keep them home from the setting, it is not only unsettling for the child feeling unwell, but it also risks the infection of other children and all the staff.  

Sickness and diahorrea has a 48hour exclusion from the last bout. Please ensure this is adhered to, if your child is unwell in setting, they will be sent home.  

Hand, Foot and Mouth is also going around currently.  We have not had any reported cases to us as of yet.  But please Can we ask that you keep a close eye on your child for potential blistering, in particular on the hands, feet, or on their face (mouth).

Any child showing covid symptoms this includes high temperature and cough  will be sent home from setting and asked to go for a PCR test before returning to setting providing the test is negative. 

Polite reminder:  

Brayton Headstart is a NUT FREE setting. Can we refrain from putting anything containing nuts in pack ups, including chocolate spread and peanut butter. 

The diary is open for next year onwards and we are filling up already, if you are thinking of extending your child’s sessions, please contact Monika ASAP to avoid any disappointment.  

We are also looking for new committee members, the setting wouldn’t be able to run without a committee so it is vitally important so Brayton Headstart can continue having a place in the heart of the village that families have attended for more than 30 years, if you would like information on what it involves please contact 

Many Thanks, Brayton Headstart 


Wc 18th oct – Halloween dress up week voluntary donation 

Wc 18th Oct – Daily mile walks completed each day 

22nd Oct – last day for cauliflower cards to be returned 

22nd Oct – Setting breaks up for half term  

1st Nov – setting reopens.