This week the children have enjoyed preparing Christmassy bits to take home. Once these have been completed, they will be sent out to ensure parents and children receive their special homemade gifts.

We are sorry that due to the pandemic we will not be able to conduct any Christmas concerts this year. Due to the GDPR we are unable to record any events to ensure all our children are safeguarded and all children can participate in such events. Hopefully, we will be back in full force for next Christmas. However, our last week will be full of Christmas crafts, games and festive foods and children are able to come dressed in festive clothing all week.

We ask that you do not send in children’s Christmas cards this year so that we can ensure our setting is fully COVID 19 safe. We are instead setting time aside in setting so the children can use our fully quarantined stationary to make each other cards and pictures to send home.

We would like to thank you all for your continued support in these hard times. We have had a very testing 25 weeks but nearly at the end of term still going strong. Thank you.

Quick reminder, please can we ensure children are not bringing in toys and belongs in from home.

Finally, if your child is feeling unwell please do not send them into setting.