Dear Headstart Families,

Welcome to another exciting edition of our weekly newsletter! This week, we delved into the fascinating world of oral health and healthy eating, exploring the importance of caring for our teeth and nourishing our bodies with nutritious foods. As we wrap up this theme, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be transitioning to our next topic: Healthy Living and its Effects on Our Body.

Exploring Oral Health and Healthy Eating- Throughout the week, our little learners have embarked on a journey of discovery, uncovering the secrets to maintaining sparkling smiles and fuelling their bodies with goodness. From pretending to be dentists and learning the importance of brushing their teeth to exploring different books that shed light on oral health and the difference between good and bad foods, the children have been actively engaged in various enriching activities.  New words have been learnt such as ‘cavities and ‘decay’.  Our book of the week ‘Going to the Dentist’ was a big hit also where the children we able to retell what happens next.

How this links to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) -As many are aware, Headstart Preschool, is committed to providing a well-rounded learning experience that aligns with the Early Years Foundation Stage. This week’s theme seamlessly integrated into the EYFS framework, particularly in the following areas:

Personal, Social, and Emotional Development- Through activities centred around oral health and healthy eating, children developed a sense of responsibility for their own well-being and gained an understanding of the importance of self-care.

Physical Development- From practicing brushing techniques to exploring different textures and tastes of healthy foods during their snack time and helping with the preparations, children honed their fine and gross motor skills while developing healthy habits.

Communication and Language- Engaging in discussions about oral hygiene and healthy eating habits provided opportunities for children to expand their vocabulary and express their thoughts and opinions.

Understanding the World- By learning about the effects of food on their bodies and the importance of oral health, children gained a deeper understanding of the world around them and how their actions impact their well-being.

Looking Ahead- As we bid farewell to our oral health and healthy eating theme, we’re excited to dive into our next topic, Healthy Bodies.  Throughout the upcoming week, children will explore how various lifestyle choices, including exercise and rest, impact their overall health and mental well-being. Which all links perfectly into feedback from our Headstart Committee Council meeting where the children have expressed their wishes to use the field more to burn off their energy and play field games, as well as having sessions designed around a ‘gym workout’ and ‘yoga and meditation/mindfulness’.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), giving a voice to children is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it empowers them to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs, fostering their sense of agency and autonomy. This supports their overall development, including communication, social skills, and emotional intelligence. Additionally, listening to children promotes a culture of respect and inclusivity, where each child’s perspective is valued and considered.

Linking this to fundamental British values, such as democracy, individual liberty, and mutual respect, giving children a voice aligns with these principles. Democracy is upheld by allowing children to participate in decision-making processes and encouraging them to express their opinions. Individual liberty is promoted when children are empowered to voice their thoughts and make choices that reflect their preferences and interests. Moreover, listening to children fosters mutual respect by recognising their inherent worth and right to be heard, contributing to a harmonious and inclusive learning environment. Thus, giving a voice to children in the EYFS not only supports their holistic development but also reinforces essential British values.

Lunch time pack up-

We wanted to gently remind you of our preschool’s policies regarding food items brought from home. Firstly, kindly ensure that any packed lunches do not contain nuts, including peanut butter or any chocolates with nuts. Our provision is nut-free, and this measure is in place to safeguard children with severe allergies.  Additionally, we strive to promote healthy eating habits among our children. Therefore, we kindly request that you refrain from including sweets and chocolate bars (this includes chocolate spread sandwiches) in your child’s lunchbox. Instead, we encourage nutritious options that support their growth and development.

It’s important to emphasise the significance of these guidelines in maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for all children. Allergies can have severe consequences, and by adhering to these policies, we can prevent any potential risks or allergic reactions.

Should any food items containing nuts or unhealthy snacks be inadvertently brought to preschool, we will kindly return them home to ensure compliance with our policies.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Your support in upholding these standards is invaluable and contributes to the overall well-being of our preschool community.

We also have spoons and forks for your child to use at the setting during their lunch if you would prefer to safeguard your cutlery and keep them at home.  All the children at lunch have bins on their tables so they can bin their empty packets and yogurt pots.  We are often finding a spoon or fork in the bin, but at times we do miss this.  Please do not worry that we can’t offer cutlery here, because we can, and we would prefer the children borrow one of ours, as it takes pressure off trying to find the rightful owner of a spoon or fork as we know then they are ours 😊

Letter of the week-

This week’s letter of the week was ‘T’ where children try to name as many things beginning with ‘T/’t’ and search for objects where possible to bring to the table as a ‘show and tell’

Next week, we will focus on ‘’H/h’’ which will link to our Healthy Bodies topic.


Please could you ensure that any clothes come with a name on as we are often finding the same items coming in and the same sizes, and we are getting them lost and mixed up. We do try our best to ensure the clothes go to the correct home, but we often get mixed up!

The warm and sunny days are here (fingers crossed it stays).  We ask that all children arrive to preschool with suncream applied, have a labelled sunhat to leave in the setting and labelled suncream. If we can leave hats with us, we can be sure that the children have this on their session days and it becomes one less worry in the morning 😊 

Book Bags

Please could you ensure that your child comes to preschool with their book bag so we can send pictures home in their bags, and also send home a book from our lending library. With the weather being as it is, we struggle to carry and keep paper safe to take home with your child. Thank you to those who do remember their book bags. Any lending library books will be sent home 1-2 times per week with a book of your child’s choice, or one we feel they may enjoy 😊

September sessions– we have very limited spaces left if you wish to extend your sessions for September. Book now to avoid any disappointment later in the term 😊

Key dates

W/C 13th May 2024- stay and play- Don’t forget  to come in and play/join in on our activities and be part of our family (you will be given jobs of reading, singing, dancing, arts and crafts, outdoor fun, gardening, running on the field playing games, biscuit decorating, taking part in yoga, den building and so on…) 😊- We will be opening our doors on Monday 13th May, Wednesday 15th May and  Friday 17th May for parents/carers to spend 1 hour with your child (10:30-11:30am)  and join in on the fun and learning we do at Headstart. If you were unable to make an appointment with your key person during consultation week, you are free to speak to the staff during the visits.  We are limiting each visit to 1 x adult please as we do not wish to over-run the session with too many adults as this can be quite upsetting for some of our little ones. You are more than welcome to come for your child (or carer) all 3 days, so long as it is only the one adult 😊

Tuesday 14th May– last session with Little Movers for the term.

Thursday 18th July- school leavers trip- (a separate letter is going home with our leavers child regarding this day).

Thank you for your continued support in fostering a nurturing learning environment for our little ones. Together, we’re shaping bright futures filled with health, happiness, and endless possibilities.

Monika, Amanda, Sally, Emma, Harriet, Sarah and Whitney.