Dear Parents and Guardians,

We’ve had an incredibly engaging week here at Headstart Preschool, diving into the theme of Healthy Living and Healthy Eating with zest and enthusiasm! The children have embraced learning about nutritious foods, the importance of physical activity, and how to take care of their bodies.

Theme Highlights this week has been exploring “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”: Our week kicked off with the timeless classic, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle. The children were captivated by the colourful illustrations and the story of the ravenous caterpillar. To bring the book to life, we set up a delightful tuff tray activity where the children had the opportunity to feed their very own caterpillar with a variety of healthy foods, bad food and any food they could find really!  The children also took this opportunity to re-tell the story and predicted what came next.  We have also been reading our book of the week (Oliver’s Vegetables/Olivers Fruit salad)

In a creative twist, the children had a blast crafting their own vegetable people! Armed with scissors, glue, and a medley of colourful veggies, they let their imaginations run wild as they designed their veggie characters. It was a fantastic way to reinforce the importance of incorporating vegetables into our diets while fostering creativity.

Despite the weather being up and down, but then very kind to us towards the back end of the week, our outdoor play sessions were as lively as ever! The children relished the chance to run, jump, and play games in the fresh air, promoting both physical fitness and social interaction. From ball games to obstacle courses, there was never a dull moment on the garden. On Tuesday we even enjoyed bringing out the entire softplay for the children to construct and build forts and enjoy the slide, creating an obstacle course as they negotiated the wobbly steps and floor!

We have also delved into the world of relaxation and mindfulness with our yoga sessions. The children embraced the calming poses and focused breathing exercises, cultivating a sense of inner peace and well-being. Additionally, our music sessions provided a joyful outlet for expression and movement, with catchy tunes and rhythmic beats filling the air.

Of course, our week wouldn’t be complete without plenty of reading! Alongside “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” we explored a variety of books centred around healthy living and nutritious eating habits. Through storytelling, we reinforced important concepts such as balanced diets, food groups, and the benefits of staying active.

Throughout the week, all activities were thoughtfully designed to align with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. From communication and language development to physical health and self-care, each activity provided valuable learning opportunities that catered to the holistic development of every child.

Lunch time pack up-

We wanted to gently remind you of our preschool’s policies regarding food items brought from home. Firstly, kindly ensure that any packed lunches do not contain nuts, including peanut butter or any chocolates with nuts. Our provision is nut-free, and this measure is in place to safeguard children with severe allergies.  Additionally, we strive to promote healthy eating habits among our children. Therefore, we kindly request that you refrain from including sweets and chocolate bars (this includes chocolate spread sandwiches) in your child’s lunchbox. Instead, we encourage nutritious options that support their growth and development.

It’s important to emphasise the significance of these guidelines in maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for all children. Allergies can have severe consequences, and by adhering to these policies, we can prevent any potential risks or allergic reactions.

Should any food items containing nuts or unhealthy snacks be inadvertently brought to preschool, we will kindly return them home to ensure compliance with our policies.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Your support in upholding these standards is invaluable and contributes to the overall well-being of our preschool community.

We also have spoons and forks for your child to use at the setting during their lunch if you would prefer to safeguard your cutlery and keep them at home.  All the children at lunch have bins on their tables so they can bin their empty packets and yogurt pots.  We are often finding a spoon or fork in the bin, but at times we do miss this.  Please do not worry that we can’t offer cutlery here, because we can, and we would prefer the children borrow one of ours, as it takes pressure off trying to find the rightful owner of a spoon or fork as we know then they are ours 😊

Letter of the week-

This week’s letter of the week was ‘F’ where children try to name as many things beginning with ‘F/’f’ and search for objects where possible to bring to the table as a ‘show and tell’

Next week, we will focus on ‘t’/’T’ which will link to Teeth (our topic of the week is Oral Health)


Please could you ensure that any clothes come with a name on as we are often finding the same items coming in and the same sizes, and we are getting them lost and mixed up. We do try our best to ensure the clothes go to the correct home, but we often get mixed up!

Book Bags

Please could you ensure that your child comes to preschool with their book bag so we can send pictures home in their bags, and also send home a book from our lending library. With the weather being as it is, we struggle to carry and keep paper safe to take home with your child. Thank you to those who do remember their book bags. Any lending library books will be sent home 1-2 times per week with a book of your child’s choice, or one we feel they may enjoy 😊

September sessions– we still have a few spaces left if you wish to extend your sessions for September.

Key dates

Monday 6th May – We are closed due to it being a public Bank Holiday

W/C 13th May 2024- stay and play- you are invited to come in and play/join in on our activities and be part of our family (you will be given jobs of reading, singing, dancing, arts and crafts, outdoor fun, gardening, running on the field playing games, biscuit decorating, taking part in yoga, den building and so on…) 😊- We will be opening our doors on Monday 13th May, Wednesday 15th May and  Friday 17th May for parents/carers to spend 1 hour with your child (10:30-11:30am)  and join in on the fun and learning we do at Headstart. If you were unable to make an appointment with your key person during consultation week, you are free to speak to the staff during the visits.  We are limiting each visit to 1 x adult please as we do not wish to over-run the session with too many adults as this can be quite upsetting for some of our little ones. You are more than welcome to come for your child (or carer) all 3 days, so long as it is only the one adult 😊

Thursday 18th July- school leavers trip- (a separate letter is going home with our leavers child regarding this day).

As we wrap up this enriching week, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to you, our wonderful parents and guardians, for your ongoing support and involvement in your child’s learning journey. Together, we’re fostering a love for healthy living that will benefit our children for years to come.

Monika, Amanda, Sally, Emma, Harriet, Sarah and Whitney.